Brain Fud: 5 tips for staying


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Week one into your new exercise regime you’re feeling feistier than Beyoncé, but how do you stay motivated week after week? Here are my top five tips for staying motivated. Grab yourself an energy drink, put on ‘Eye of the Tiger’ and read on to revitalise your motivation!


Maximum Pop! - The struggles

of using public transport

when you're disabled

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"I’ve come so far from the housebound seventeen-year-old that I was six years ago, but my Fibromyalgia still lurks in the background of my day-to-day life, threatening me with flare ups at the times that I desperately need to be well."


Counting My Spoons - Fibro

warrior interview

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It includes: 
- the story of my diagnosis
- why I started blogging
- the best and worst advice that I've been given