My glute activation secret // SKINS review

Hi gang!! Since booking a holiday to Mexico in June, I have been so motivated and excited to get into the gym. This motivation was doubled when I received some gym goodies from SKINS Sportswear! Before I get into my review, I NEED to share with you my favourite glute activation move right now. If you struggle with activating your glutes before a leg / booty workout, then you definitely need to give this a go:

high incline treadmill crab walks using a resistance band

BAMN. Sounds a little scary, doesn't it? I promise you it's not!! Jump on a treadmill, put a resistance band on just above your knees - make sure you do this BEFORE turning the treadmill on - and then turn the incline right up (I go for around 10%). Then crab walk!! Try not to stand up between the steps, as you'll get better activation by staying low. Trust me - you'll feel the burn!

Let me know if you try it!! Now onto the review...

SKINS Sportswear Brighton Fitness Blogger
SKINS Sportswear Brighton Fitness Blogger

Products shown:

DNAmic Zenith Sports Bra
A400 Skyscraper Women's Compression Long Tights
Activewear Output Sport Fleece Shorts (Fluro Peach Marle)
Activewear Odot Tee (Ceramic)


I'm a size 6/8 and received all the items in a size M. The sports bra and leggings fit perfectly (I'm usually a M in sports bras) and I liked having the tee a little looser - so that was perfect too! With the shorts, I definitely could have sized down, but the tie waist meant that I could tighten them myself.  


There's something about the fit of the sports bra that is a little different - I wasn't struggling to get it on or off (as I usually do with Nike etc) and I felt that it sat higher up my chest. I actually really liked this - I felt secure but not constricted around my chest. The leggings are absolutely perfect (again not too much of a struggle to get on and off) and they allow for a great range of motion. They sit a little lower than I usually go for - as I always buy high waisted leggings - but I think they still look good!

The tee is super soft, as is the shorts! They'd be great for something more chilled like yoga - or for a nice outdoor workout in summer.

Have you heard of SKINS before? What do you think of these pieces? Let me know!

*This is a sponsored post. All opinions are my own.