Veggies in a box: Nutritional Organic Review

As you guys know, I moved house! Amongst the IKEA trips, bed building and unpacking, it would have been so easy to live off pizza and takeaways! Thankfully, the Nuttie Elves at Nutritional Organic sent me a lovely box filled with fruit and veg. As you can tell by the name, all of it was organic... Truth time: I don't usually buy organic food because I'm quite price conscious and am never sure how much of a difference there is - but I quickly totalled up how much all of the items would have cost at a supermarket, and I was really surprised by how affordable these boxes seem!

I received the Organic Fruit & Veg box, which is £16.50, and it was filled with loads of goodies:


I noticed a big difference in the fruit and vegetables in comparison to the supermarket, in both size and taste. The mini cucumbers were really stunning, and kept their freshness for much longer than shop-bought ones tend to. (I know, I just described a cucumber as stunning!) The tomatoes had such a nice sweetness too. Also, there was something really special about being given a whole heap of good food and seeing what you can make with it.

My favourite part of the experience was the customer care that I received... The amazing Nuttie team sent me an email with a picture and description of each item, where to store it and its benefits. I was so impressed with the time and thought that had gone into it (it was 12 pages long!) and it made me even more excited to try the bits I'd never had before.

What's your favourite vegetable? Where do you stand in the organic / non-organic debate? Let me know in the comments!

* The box was kindly gifted to me by Nutritional Organic. All opinions are my own.