Five top tips for new bloggers

"If I'm being completely honest, I don't think there's any space for more bloggers in the industry - everyone is one these days. It's ridiculous." - Sarah Ashcroft, Cosmopolitan 

She received a LOOOOOOOT of backlash over this comment back at the end of May, and rightly so... But I do understand part of where she's coming from. When you start blogging, there's so many other aspiring bloggers that it's hard to make your voice heard or make your content stand out. 

So here's my five top tips for new bloggers to help you do what you love, and get recognised for it.


1. Don't be afraid to message!

This is KEY. As a blogger, you've got to exude confidence and engage with your followers. You'd be surprised how far a message goes, even if you're just saying thanks for the follow and that you look forward to seeing their content. Make sure you personalise the messages to each follower and only send them if what you're saying is true!

If you're sending an important email / message, RE-READ IT. Spelling and grammar might not be your forte but it's really important. Spelling mistakes will make you lose credibility - get someone to check your emails before you send them if you're not confident.


2. Use the Twitter hashtags to look for opportunities

Okay so firstly, please please please don't be one of those bloggers who use the #bloggerswanted hashtag to promote your blog posts. 

But you should browse the #bloggerswanted and #prrequest hashtags on Twitter every few days to see if there's any opportunities that you could be a part of.


3. Make use of free apps

My favourite app is Snug - which allows you to preview how a photo will look on your Instagram feed. I also use VSCO to edit my pictures! There's loads of free apps out there that will help you monitor your followers or improve your photography, so definitely have a look on the app store.


4. Sign up to mailing lists

I've signed up to some great lists which help to promote events. The two that I recommend the most are 'The Blogger Programme' and 'LDNmeetup'.

The Blogger Programme - TBP heavily monitors your social media following, so you may not get many opportunities as a small blogger, but it's a good way to see what opportunities are out there and the sort of numbers you'd need to take part.

LDNmeetup - Run by the amazing Lauren, from Blonde Vision, this mailing list organises some brilliant meet ups. How Lauren manages to source such fab collaborations whilst managing her own blog and working as an Events Manage, I will never know! 


5. Be realistic

When you're a new blogger, you want to dive right in to getting brilliant opportunities and there's always that little part of us that aspires to monetise our blogs. This isn't a bad thing - who wouldn't want to be paid to do something they love? But that comes with time... even getting 'free' products can come with time! 

If you're new to blogging and don't have a large following, then tell a company what you CAN offer them. For example:
- the number of impressions you receive per post
- the number of likes / comments / RTs
- your combined social media following
- your blog views
- how quickly your following is growing... This is a great one, but don't try to trick the company by saying your following grew by 300% in a week, when it grew from 1 person to 4. Give honest numbers.


I hope these little tips helped. Let me know in the comments if you've got any others! 

Ali Hemsley3 Comments