I've joined the #SquatSquad

I'm really excited to announce that I've joined the 30 Day Booty Challenge. The thought of doing 5000 squats in 30 days didn't exactly fill me with joy but after hearing about how High Street TV's latest product would be helping me achieve this I became very intruiged!

Five top tips for new bloggers

Here's my five top tips for new bloggers to help you do what you love and get recognised for it! Including: the best mailing lists to be a part of, what apps I love, and how to tell a company what you can offer, even if you don't have a large following!

Festival Essentials

I love a good festival, but I'm also one of those people that hates camping / being dirty / going to the toilet outside. So here's my little festival essentials checklist - so you can enjoy the music without feeling like you're going to get dysentery! 

Stilton on a pizza?

I was kindly invited to try the new Franco Manca, at Brighton Marina.. and obviously opted for the cheesiest pizza possible! Safety first: if you haven't eaten then go get yourself a snack because this blog is about to make you HUNGRY.

Ladies who lunch!

Whilst hundreds of people took to the streets to run the Brighton marathon, myself and some of my gorgeous blogging gals bathed in the sunshine at Hotel Du Vin to eat afternoon tea and sip on champagne and gin!

Beating the start of the year blues

It's hard isn't it? We start a new year making so many promises to ourselves. "This is the year I'll learn a language" "This is the year I'll stop smoking" "This is the year I'll lose weight"... I'm not a fan of New Years Resolutions but even I got swept away and wrote a blog post about how I won't waste any time in 2017!

I cheated on 2016, with 2017... and it nearly ruined my year.

A lot of people will agree with me that 2016 was a tough year. January hit me hard, with so many admired celebrities passing away. But 2016 wasn't stopping there.. I know I don't need to mention all of the awful things that happened last year, I know we won't forget them quickly. But somewhere, amongst all of the bad things, I think we forgot to see the good.

Why I'm okay with having a fibro relapse

After a beautiful few days in Disneyland Paris I am shattered. But this fatigue isn't something I can just sleep off in a night, it's persistent and takes over my whole body. For the first two days of my fibromyalgia relapse I was really frustrated - I'd been doing so much better, and I was beginning to no longer notice the impact of this illness on my life!


What I love about Barcelona is it's all-consuming - from the Gothic quarter's labyrinthine streets to the 'Avenue of Luxury' Passeig de Gracia, where I was fortunate enough to stay this time. To wake up every morning between two of Gaudi's most important creations, surrounded by Prada, Chanel, Dolce and Gabana, was such a blessing. (Even if all I could afford to do was window shopping!)