My journey

Anyone who knows me would tell you that my health growing up was awful. Shortly after my 17th birthday and AS level exams, I started to struggle with joint pain and extreme tiredness. I woke up every morning feeling like I'd run a marathon the day before! After six months, I was diagnosed with M.E and Fibromyalgia - more commonly known as chronic fatigue and chronic joint pain. By Christmas, I was housebound and too unwell to go to college.

Due to a weakened immune system, the next few years were struggle as I suffered from glandular fever, lung infections, heart palpitations and infections, stomach ulcers and more... But, after years of various medications; mad diets where I had to cut out gluten, sugar, sweeteners and alcohol (not a fun few months); buying a puppy and even acupuncture sessions, I'm finally in a place where I can work, socialise and exercise without having to stay in bed the next day.

Exercise has become such an important part of my life and I'm so thankful that I'm now able to share my experiences with others. I see exercise as a privilege, not a chore, and I aim to share this view of fitness using my blog and social media. I'm a big believer in balance, so you'll usually find me drinking cocktails and eating cake one night and at the gym the next but, trust me, I now live life to the full!